At Home Magazine on Permanent Make-up Eyebrows – February 2015

At Home Permanent Eyebrows Press Article

At Home Magazine on Permanent Make-up Eyebrows – February 2015

At Home Magazine on Permanent Make-up Eyebrows – February 2015 2000 1497 The Dermatography Clinic

Rene’e Cleovoulou Specialises in Advanced Natural Permanent Cosmetics at the Dermatography Clinic and here she explains her aftercare procedure on how to care for your eyebrows post treatment, to ensure that you maintain that natural look.

First and foremost – in permanent make-up, less is definitely more. Hair-stroke permanent make-up for eyebrows is a revolutionary and exciting treatment for those wishing to have fuller brows but without the “tattooed” look.

Generally, this treatment is for those with over plucked, thinning eyebrows or those lacking definition or symmetry. Eyebrows can be restored using permanent cosmetics. Ultra fine hair strokes are applied into the upper layers of the skin, using a sterile needle one by one until the brows are more full and defined.

How to maintain your permanent make-up eyebrows after treatment

Artist Rene’e takes great pride in producing beautiful “natural” and “long lasting” results. After care and maintaining natural results post treatment are key components in her work. Hair strokes can easily be overworked if topped-up too regularly. With time, regular top-ups can lead to blocky, unrealistic and tattooed looking eyebrows.

Permanent Make-up treatments should last between one to three years, sometimes more. In order to ensure that your eyebrows always look natural, they should be allowed to lighten as much as possible before being re-done. The time this takes is unique to the individual, as several factors including environmental and personal skin conditions can contribute to the amount of time your permanent make-up lasts. It is a common misconception that yearly top-ups are necessary, they may not be suitable for all.

Furthermore, by allowing your eyebrows to lighten before having them done again, you will have new beautiful natural hair-strokes, and you will also have the option to reshape your eyebrows and further enhance at your future visits

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